Zero Tolerance to Abuse

Abuse is an issue for everyone in our community. We actively talk about zero tolerance because we know that it is going to take a collective effort to stamp out abuse. We are clear at Tipping that we do not tolerate abuse. We have introduced very clear processes and have high standards to ensure we minimise the risk of abuse. We know that stopping and preventing abuse is about collaboration.

At Tipping we take the safety and wellbeing of our clients seriously. It is a basic human right that we strongly believe in and will always advocate for.

We have taken proactive measures to make sure that we have a zero tolerance to abuse culture at Tipping. It’s not a catch phrase. It means action. It means accountability and it means everyone.

Our practice leaders have worked closely with our staff to better understand the different forms of abuse that there are, what to do about abuse and how to self reflect and understand how our own biases can impact on the way we respond to certain situations.

We have produced an easy to use video to assist in getting the discussion started. This can often be the difficult part. We know it’s a hard conversation to have but we would much rather this, than not knowing and not taking action to stop the abuse. The video is easy to understand, colourful and sends a very clear message about what abuse is and what can be done about it. We take this seriously.

The zero tolerance to abuse message begins with recruitment. We put more than the mandatory screening checks in place to make sure that we are getting appropriate staff to support and work with our clients. As we orientate and train our staff there is a range of training modules, e-learning and coaching specifically related to zero tolerance to abuse. We make it clear that all staff have a role to play in eliminating abuse.

Regardless of the services provided by Tipping, safety and wellbeing are paramount.

We are a registered Child Safe organisation which means we comply with the standards for organisations who work with children to help protect those children from abuse. The new standards are overseen by the Commission for Children and Young People and was established in response to the 2013 Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other non government organisations.

We work together to prevent abuse. It is EVERYONE’s responsibility.

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