Corporate Services

New Finance System

After 15 years of service it was decided to replace our finance system with a more contemporary and integrated solution. This new system is better able to work in with our existing systems such as pay roll and Carelink (client database).

It is also part of a drive to link all of our information and database systems in order to improve efficiencies across the organisation. We are working towards information only needing to be entered once and available to all the relevant staff.

The change to the new system was implemented seamlessly, on time and on budget and ultimately benefits our clients and the way we deliver our financial services to them. We have also taken on board feedback from our clients and redesigned our financial statements so that they are easier to read and understand.

Debt Free

Our client who loves watering the garden

In the last 12 months we re-paid the last of our corporate debt, leaving an unleveraged balance sheet. This is a strong and healthy position to be in at any point, particularly as it puts us in a good position to explore future opportunities as the National Disability Insurance Scheme continues to roll out.

Housing upgrades

We are committed to the continual and structured upgrading of our housing. Just as you upgrade your own house with new bathrooms, new carpet, garden, landscaping etc. We do this with the Tipping houses that our clients call home too. We have developed a 10 year plan to ensure our houses remain well maintained homes.

Information Upgrades

The speed of development of information technology is never ending. We continue to reinvest, every year, in upgrading our systems to make the flow of information easier. Our distributed network was completely replaced during the year with faster, higher capacity hardware and software. This also allowed us to upgrade our supporting network and disaster recovery site at Preston which is a great safety net to have.

We have also increased our capacity to more easily communicate with our staff by providing Tipping email addresses for all staff, using cloud based Office 365. This is the first step to building our capacity to work collaboratively in the cloud which certainly limits some of the challenges of working in a dispersed work force.

New Power Supply

Following the tragic bushfires of 2009, one of the findings was that sparking power lines had contributed to the fires. This has ultimately led to a change in policy to switch off power on Code Red days when there is an initial power interruption. This is at a time when our clients are looking to have power for fans and air-conditioning to keep cool. We successfully obtained a grant to install generators in 17 of our houses. This grant is through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Local Infrastructure Assistance Fund and is valued at more than $850K. It means that our clients can carry on their normal activities even if the main power supply is disrupted.

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