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Getting the Culture Right from Day 1 – Our New Organisational Induction

A new client centred organisational induction was launched in July 2016 to help our staff understand and deliver on the organisational expectation and responsibilities in relation to the changes within our sector.

New starters learn about the Tipping culture and framework of support for our clients. The program invites guest speakers from various service streams within the organisation and a client attends as a guest speaker. The clients who attend tell their story and share their expectations of people in their support team, which gives invaluable insight for new starters.

The level of energy and enthusiasm that is generated across the two day induction is remarkable.

We would like to thank all our clients who generously participate in the organisational induction:

Organisational induction

  • Simone Stevens (Barwon)
  • Jenny Macpherson (Metro)
  • John McKenna (Metro)
  • Michael Buckley (Metro)
  • Graeme Kenny and Ann Kenny (Metro)
  • Anita Quadara (Metro) and
  • Tiffany Poulton (Ballarat)

Empowering and Adaptive Leaders

Class of 2017 – Diploma of Leadership and Management and Certificate IV Disability

Demand for strong leadershipDemand for strong leadership and capability has never been more critical. As a result, we introduced our Diploma of Leadership and Management for key frontline staff as an opportunity to formalise their many years of experience into one of the latest qualifications. This program involved a 12 month commitment from all involved and our congratulations to those who have graduated and managed to balance work, life and studies.

Congratulations also to our latest group of staff graduating from the Certificate IV in Disability.

Investing in our Workforce

Over the last 12 months we finalised our new two-year Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) which was then implemented in August 2017. The new agreement improves our staff’s overall conditions and employment benefits. The new agreement achieves our strategic goal of ‘delivering workplace arrangements that are fair and effective for all’. The total agreed package equates to around $4.2 million per annum in benefits for staff and delivers a package of improvements that recognises and values the contribution of staff in delivering quality services to our clients. This is one of very few EBA’s that has been agreed on and approved in our sector and we are all very proud of this.

Striving for Excellence

Our strong focus on safety in the workplace continued this year.  Along with a revamped OHS Team, our OHS strategy has enabled a fresh outlook on assessing and controlling risks across our many services and locations. The strategy encompasses three main pillars of:

  • Safe@Work
  • Well@Work and
  • Health@Work

A key focus of Safe@Work has been OHS leadership through prevention, integration, participation and responsibility.

We have reinvigorated the Health & Safety Representatives as well as increased site visits which  promote greater engagement and understanding of OHS responsibilities and options. Through workplace inspections we continued to refine our processes and educate staff about:

  • Manual Handling (ASSiST assessment tool),
  • Vehicle assessments and
  • Slips, Trips, Falls identification

The outcome is that we have safer clients and staff, more accessible working environments and greater engagement between all parties. Ongoing support for staff and teams following incidents and injuries has been provided through Well@Work programs.

International Learning

Our General Manager, Human Resources, was lucky enough whilst on holidays recently to visit a disability provider in the Netherlands to learn about their organisation and service delivery models to see what we can learn from others.
It was an exciting and thought provoking visit and has contributed a host of new ideas and thinking on how we transform ourselves into the future.

Online recruitment

A major project has been the implementation of a new online recruitment and on boarding system. The system provides managers with more control and visibility of the recruitment process and will speed up the process overall which is good news for our clients.

Staff Excellence Awards

Outstanding Team Award

– for excellence in working together to achieve an outstanding result for a client or in the workplace (team)

Dual winners – Team from Tuff St house, Swan Hill and the team from Warunda house Warracknabeal

Excellence in Safety Leadership Award

– for outstanding leadership in making the workplace safer for all (team or individual)

Cathryn Ryan, Service Manager, Disability Grampians and Barwon.

Innovation in Practice Award

– for excellence in developing new ways of working that has led to improved outcomes for a client or in the workplace (team or individual)

Amy Bushell, Practice Leader, Child, Youth & Family

The Bill Tipping Distinguished staff member of the Year Award

– for excellence in ensuring that our value of Respect is demonstrated in every aspect of their work (individual).

Sandra Renga – Direct Support Worker, Disability Community, Ballarat

Sandra’s dedication and commitment to one of our complex behavioural programs in the local area has not gone unnoticed. Sandra has continually been presented with challenging situations and has always demonstrated a respectful and professional manner. Sandra is one to find a solution to any issue and work with the individual to come up with a positive outcome. She consistently goes above and beyond and has the ability to adjust to any situation.

Sandra will always assist where she can with a smile on her face and reassurance that everything will be okay. She is a great role model to other staff members throughout the organisation and is always up to offering advice where she can. She demonstrates everything The Tipping Foundation stands for through our Service model and the Tipping Way.

Our clients at Jasper RoadService Awards – Congratulations to…

30 years Service

Sandra Daymond, Direct Support Worker – Princes Way, Gippsland

20 years Service

Elizabeth Dastey, Direct Support Worker – Kelsby, Metropolitan North West

15 years Service

Vasillia Hosken, Direct Support Worker – McCrae, Metropolitan South East

Robyn Fisher, Direct Support Worker – Hawthory, Metropolitan South-East

Refaat Eldib, Direct Support Worker – Tyler, Metropolitan North West

Bill Cleary, Direct Support Worker – Frankston, Metropolitan South East

Selina Duif, Direct Support Worker – Scenic Rd, Gippsland

Appreciation Awards

We would like to formally thank the following clients for their very important and significant involvement in our Induction Program:

  • Michael Buckley
  • Graeme Kenny
  • Anita Quadara

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