Our Relationships

Much work has been done to strengthen our branding, presence and engagement in the communities in which we operate across Victoria. Anecdotally, we know that people are starting to recognise Tipping from our branding in a variety of settings be it a shopfront, a newsletter or a fundraising request. This makes a pleasant change from years gone by where we operated different service streams under many different brands. Now we are simply, The Tipping Foundation.

New Website

We know that the disability sector can be difficult to navigate. Where do you get the information in order to access the services that you need or that you are eligible for? Our new website is certainly a great place to start.

In the last year we updated our website www.tipping.org.au to be the tool and information resource that people can come to in order to decide on services and supports that they may need. The website has a high number of visitors each month and assists with a host of service based enquiries.

NDIS Information Forums with VALID

We also know people are both equally excited and anxious about the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We have held information sessions in the lead up to each new location roll out to talk with existing clients, families, potential clients and other allied health professionals. We ran these sessions in partnership with VALID and they offer very practical hands on advice about exactly how to prepare in order to get the maximum out of the NDIS planning process.

Your Thoughtfulness and Generosity

Your generosity has made a difference for our most vulnerable clients in 2016-17 by funding housing and special equipment that could not otherwise have been afforded.

A semi-independent unit at Ballarat that was the focus of our 2016 Winter Appeal and Run Melbourne fundraising campaigns will be completed in October 2017. The unit was also made possible by a gift in the will of Barbara Batchelor, and we thank her family for their wonderful support.

Our hope is that the unit will be a model for a series of similar units to be built across regional Victoria. The units will provide independent living options for people who cannot thrive in shared accommodation or who are transitioning from shared accommodation into independent living in the community.

Our Christmas Appeal 2016 raised funds for the construction of a shared house at Balnarring that The Tipping Foundation is constructing in partnership with Frankston Peninsula Carers and the Anglican Church. We are continuing to raise the funds required and are hopeful that construction will commence within the next year. If you can help, please use the envelope enclosed with this report to make your donation, or visit our website.

Your donations to our Winter Appeal 2017 has enabled the purchase of specialist equipment for residents of four of our houses that has not only enhanced their independence but also reduced the risk of injury to these clients and the staff who work with them. Our new ‘free donation’ scheme in partnership with Energy Pledge enabled the purchase of mowing and gardening equipment for the Volunteering Group at our Gippsland Day Services. Please consider asking Energy Pledge to provide you with a quote for your gas and electricity. If you make the change you can choose green energy, save money, and generate a free donation from Energy Pledge to The Tipping Foundation.

Thank you to the Collier Charitable Foundation, the Jack Brockhoff Foundation, the Raper Trust, the Pethard Tarax Charitable Trust, the William Angliss Charitable Fund, and the Byrne Fund (Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation) for their grants in 2016-17. The Collier and Brockhoff Foundations are making possible a research project in partnership with La Trobe University that will facilitate the extension of person centred active support approach into in-home care.

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